When is a good time to go to sober living?

There are many reasons why you may be wondering whether or not you should go into a sober living home. Sober living homes can help you stay on the right path, and they are a great idea for those who have nowhere else to go right out of rehab. You may be wondering, when is a good time to go to sober living? Read on to learn more about sober living and what you will accomplish while living there.

What are sober living homes?

Sober living homes refer to facilities that offer safe housing in a supportive environment for those who are trying to stay sober. In most cases, people transition to a sober living facility after they have completed rehab. It is a transitional environment that bridges the gap between programs and living in regular society. Many homes will also accept a person who is in recovery at the moment, even if he or she hasn’t been in rehab.

Living in a sober living facility allows you to carefully ease back into mainstream society without the rules of a rehab. While there are still rules that you will be asked to follow, the environment is much more relaxed. However, you will still have the support you need when it comes to your addiction. A sober living home will always be a drug and alcohol-free center. They are often structured around typical 12-step programs and offer therapy for residents. You’ll be with like-minded people who are dealing with the same types of struggles as you.

When should I go to a sober living home?

In most cases, patients take a room at a sober living home after they have completed a rehab program. You can only go to a home if you are sober and not using any type of drug or drinking alcohol. There are a number of times you should go to a sober living facility, such as:

• If you are leaving rehab and do not have anywhere else to live yet

• If you are leaving rehab and are not ready to face your home life yet

• If you do not have a stable living situation but are clean and want to remain that way

• If you are struggling with staying sober but do not want to go to rehab

If you are in rehab, your therapist will help you make the move to sober living after your program is up. However, some facilities will accept you even when you are not coming straight from rehab.

What will be expected of me in a sober living home?

The number one rule of each and every sober living facility is that you must be sober while you live there. You will likely have to take drug tests while you are a part of the home to make sure. Depending on how strict the program is, you may be asked to leave if your test comes back positive, even after the first offense.

You will usually be expected to contribute to the household in some way, depending on your situation. Many recovering addicts hold down a job while they live in a sober living home. Some go to school full or part-time. You’ll be expected to keep your room and area neat and clean. You may also have certain chores you will be expected to perform while you are there.

Active participation in various recovery meetings are also expected. The facility will often hold their own meetings in-house, or you may be able to leave and go to one of your own. You will not be allowed to have any overnight guests, and many facilities are separated according to gender.

What happens after I leave a sober living facility?

At some point, you will need to move out of the sober living home. What happens next will be completely up to you. Some recovering addicts are able to move back home with family. Others start over by moving somewhere on their own. Some people move out of the area completely to start a new life somewhere else. Hopefully, the skills you learned in rehab and in your sober living home will help keep you sober from now on. If you find yourself struggling, talk to the facility to see if they have an opening for you.

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