Did AA work for you?

As a recovering alcoholic, I am often asked a lot of different questions. The most popular question I receive is how I was able to get sober. When I tell them that AA had a large part in my journey, I get the next question- did AA work for you? Everyone wants to know how well the support group works and whether or not I would recommend them. The answer is yes, I would.

In my humble experience, too many people think that they can get sober on their own. They believe that they do not have to admit to anyone that they have a problem. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t usually work that way. I tried many times to get sober on my own, with no luck. Being at home and work, surrounded by the very things that made me want to drink, was too much. That is why I checked into a rehab center.

Rehab was great. It helps to take yourself out of your normal situation and into one where everyone wants to help you. However, rehab doesn’t last forever, as we all know. You still have to deal with your triggers when you are out in the real world. My AA meetings helped me in so many ways when I was newly sober.

The best part of AA meetings is their frequency. You can usually find meetings near your location every single day. They are there when you need them. That was the best part for me, in fact. As soon as I started to stress about something, my mind would turn to alcohol. Instead of indulging, I headed to a meeting as soon as I could.

If you choose to go to AA meetings, you will not be sorry. I am living proof that they work. AA meetings gave me a safe space to talk about my worries and concerns without being scared I would be judged. I do have friends and family to talk to, but you’ll find that the members of your local AA group know exactly what you are feeling. They will be there for you in a way that other people cannot.

Does AA work? Yes, it does. Don’t blow it off or think you don’t need it. Sobriety is an achievable goal when you put your mind, heart, and soul into it.

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