What is a Sober House?

People going into recovery from drug and alcohol abuse often ask about the term “sober house” and how it relates to their journey to wellness. The sober house is where you can transition to recovery, after completing the previous steps in your treatment.

The sober house, or sober living house is also called a halfway house. It can serve as a bridge between your living at an inpatient facility and going back to the real world, where you may suddenly face numerous challenges. Some of the steps that you will have taken already before you are ready for a sober house include:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient facility
  • Therapy and programs
  • Counseling

As an inpatient, you had very little freedom to go about. This will change when you go to a sober house.

A Way to Gently Adjust to Recovery

You’ll be able to come and go as you please. You can attend 12-step programs, group meetings and take care of personal matters. Additionally, you have the ability to make new friendships with your peers who are also in recovery. These positive relationships encourage you to stay sober while still being accountable.

At a sober house, you will need to attend meetings and must refrain from drugs and alcohol. If you have a job, you will be able to go to work. Your help with chores will be needed around the house, and alcohol-free meals will be shared with your housemates. Evenings offer the chance to watch TV, read or socialize with your housemates. You can also call loved ones and get the family time needed. Your days will have structure to keep you on course, but it will be less than you might have experienced as an inpatient. You might meet with counselors or get help in preparing for the job market. The sober house will give you the strength to journey on the path to recovery and avoid the possibility of relapse.

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