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Can Alcoholics Recover Without Rehab?

The decision to give up alcohol and start a new life of sobriety is one you should be immensely proud of. Alcohol is a hard substance to give up completely. We’re all surrounded by the chance to imbibe almost every day of our lives. It’s socially acceptable to have a drink or two in social situations, such as parties, barbeques, dinners, and so much more. We see commercials for the newest wine flavor and the best whiskey on the television, on social media, and on billboards. Drinking alcohol at a bar is basically expected of a person, even if they are only there for a meal. When it comes to quitting, you’re going to need all the help you can get. If you are an

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What causes drug addiction?

Drug addiction is identified as a repeated and compulsive use of an increasing amount of drugs. This is accompanied by the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops using them. The exact causes of drug addiction are not yet known. There are certain things that play a major role in drug addiction such as ignorance, psychological factors, genetics, environment, and more. Many experts believe there is more than one factor that could result in a person developing a drug addiction. Ignorance Many drug addicts claim their drug use was based on ignorance. This is often the case when a person must deal with health issues involving pain-management. When they receive a certain type of drug, such as oxycodone, it is very addictive. When a

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How Many Rehab Houses Are 90 Days?

When seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you may be concerned about the length of time that you’ll have to spend in a rehab facility. 90-day rehab houses are statistically shown to have some of the highest long-term success rates among all program types. With inpatient treatment that lasts three months or more, patients have ample opportunity to learn more about the underlying causes of their addictions, receive treatment for secondary or co-occurring disorders, and establish healthy coping strategies among other things. Although many people are able to achieve and maintain sobriety after completing programs that last just one month, most patients require extended services that enable them to totally revamp their life habits, their thinking, and their choices. As you consider your options

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Why Are People Addicts?

It is a tragic aspect of life that addiction can be a traumatic experience for both individuals who are addicted to substances and friends and family members of the addicted person. Anyone from any background can become addicted to drugs or alcohol; in recent years, addiction has affected everyone from successful entrepreneurs to famous entertainers. But why do people become addicted to substances in the first place? What events can lead someone to this point in life? How can addiction be avoided? The truth is that we still don’t fully understand why some people become addicted to substances while other people are able to walk away from drugs or alcohol. Generally, it is thought that there are a few key reasons why people become addicted

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Understanding Drug & Alcohol Addiction

It’s important to understand drug and alcohol addiction and how it has an impact on the mental and physical health of each person. You may know someone who suffers from substance abuse or suspect that you’ve recently developed an addiction. There are many facets of addiction to learn and become educated about, which can make it easier to understand and navigate. Drug and alcohol addiction can affect children, adults, men, and women of all ages. It is often a way to cope with stress and pain and can even evolve into other forms of addiction. Recognizing Addiction Addiction can be easy to recognize due to various signs and symptoms that start to develop, especially if you’re familiar with someone’s typical behavior or character. There are

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Is Opioid Addiction a Mental Illness?

Is opioid addiction a mental illness? Yes. It’s a brain disease caused by changes in the brain that occur from opioid abuse. However, opioid addiction can also be at least partially caused by an underlying mental condition like depression, anxiety or PTSD. Someone addicted to opioids doesn’t necessarily have a concurrent mental condition, but there is a high chance that they do. What is Addiction? In simple terms, addiction is using a substance for non-medical reasons even when this substance is clearly damaging to the person’s body and relationships. Physical dependence on a drug is not in itself an indicator of addiction. Anyone who takes opioids on a daily basis for any length of time will become physically dependent on the drug. It’s unavoidable, because

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What’s it like to live with an alcoholic?

If you currently live with an alcoholic, you are likely familiar with that person’s mood swings and personality changes. Out of love for the person, you may have done everything in your power to help them put a stop to their alcohol use disorder. Maybe you have gone as far as to seek out every hidden bottle and dump it down the drain. Perhaps you have pleaded, threatened, yelled, and bribed as a means of getting that person to stop drinking only to discover that none of your methods are working. Eventually, you reach a point when you realize that treatment must be their choice, not yours. Now that you know you cannot force your loved one to quit, you are likely asking yourself, “what

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How does it feel being sober?

When you suffer from an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, the very thought of seeking help, getting clean, and being sober can be scary. Perhaps you are afraid to know how it feels to be sober. Many people who abuse drugs and alcohol use it as a form of self-medication. Drugs and alcohol provide a euphoric feeling that allows the person to escape from the trials of everyday life. Therefore, the absence of drugs and alcohol may seem boring or even empty. If you feel the same way, you are not alone. Although your thought process is understandable, it is an inaccurate notion and one that you can overcome. Experiencing Sobriety Sobriety will initially feel like hard work. Before you reach the point of

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How Does a Halfway House Work?

You may have heard the term “halfway house” in the past but never fully understood what one is or how it can you in your recovery. A halfway house is a sober living home or community for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Halfway houses are not treatment centers, but they offer regular classes, meetings, groups, and a substance-free environment where their residents can continue their recovery. Halfway houses, also known as sober living houses, work best for those who have completed some time in a treatment center or completed detox. The reason is that unlike treatment centers and detox facilities, halfway houses offer their residents a much greater degree of freedom. Too much freedom too soon can lead to relapse. If you have hit rock bottom,

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What Is It Like To Live in A Halfway House?

Entering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult decisions that one can make in life; from admitting that addiction cannot be mastered alone to removing oneself from life to enter inpatient treatment and beyond, this commitment means a major life shift and a return to a life that is vastly different than before. Life after inpatient treatment Most people who choose addiction treatment enter an inpatient treatment program that lasts anywhere from thirty to ninety days. During this time, the patient goes through medical detox, prescription medication protocol, and a number of various emotional and behavioral therapies to ensure that they can get to the root cause of their addictive behavior, work to change patterns, and return to a sober

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