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The 12 Principles of AA

How can the principles of recovery help you from drug and alcohol addiction? Well, for one, the use of any substance is a symptom of a deeper problem. Therefore, addressing the root of the issues is incredibly important after gaining a daily reprieve from the obsession and compulsion to fill that void. As you begin to work the 12 Steps, you will see that each one of them has a principle. These principles help us to gain back some of what we lost through our addiction. Many of these principles may feel like a foreign concept, but they can become a foundation for a productive, responsible life full of meaning by working the steps. The Twelve Principles of AA The twelve steps can be broken

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What is the best treatment for substance abuse?

Whether you someone close to you is an addict or you are suffering from that disease yourself, there are some questions that you may find yourself asking often. One of these questions is: what is the best treatment for substance abuse? If the answer to this question was simple or easy, drug and alcohol addiction would not plague modern society as badly as they do now. Fortunately, there are extremely valuable resources out there that addicts can access in order to ensure that they receive the best substance abuse treatment possible. Even if an addict is only living in the early stages of substance abuse, inpatient treatment, group therapy, and sober living can still be lifesaving tools for them. It is important to remember that

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How to Deal With Your Friend or Family Members Alcoholism?

What can you do when you’re watching someone destroy their life struggling with a substance use disorder? The problem doesn’t even have to involve illegal drugs or prescription painkiller misuse. Alcoholism can be as devastating as any drug problem. One hurdle is how prevalent alcohol is in society. Frequently, drinking alcohol is viewed as a personal privilege. However, when it reaches a level of abuse, it affects everyone around the alcoholic. So how can you deal with a friend or family member’s alcoholism? There are strategies to help encourage someone who has a problem with alcohol to get help. However, there are things you can do or say which will make the situation worse. Let’s talk about how you can deal with a friend or

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Why Should I Stay Sober?

Even though alcohol is legal to purchase for any individual over the age of 21, it’s a substance with the most potent and addictive qualities associated with it. And unlike harder drugs that flood our communities, it’s socially accepted without our society and a common pastime for millions of adults across the nation. Given these characteristics, it’s no surprise why alcohol grips the lives of so many individuals within the rehabilitation system. What about the individual who is on the fence about becoming sober but can’t see the benefits? For them, a sober lifestyle seems boring, bland and restrictive, but the opposite is true. If this description hits close to home, here’s why staying sober is better than remaining intoxicated. Clarity and Foresight If there’s

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What Is Rehab Like for Alcoholics?

Rehab is a series of services, therapies, and other resources that’s designed to help people overcome addiction. Also known as addiction treatment, these programs can occur in-house on closed campuses, or they can be outpatient and largely self-managed. If you suffer from alcohol use disorder, you’ll have the best chance at achieving sobriety and maintaining it when you choose a treatment option that’s in line with your circumstances, your addiction history, and your needs. Most programs last just one to three months. However, for those who require it, there are also inpatient rehab programs that span six to nine months or even longer. According to research, long-term, inpatient programs have the highest rates of success. Notwithstanding this fact, many recovering alcoholics also do well with

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How bad is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is regarded as a chronic need to take addictive substances despite their detrimental effects. Such substances include drugs like hallucinogens, alcohol, marijuana, opioids, nicotine, cocaine, and heroin. In 2018, the United States (US) recognized drug addiction as an epidemic that necessitated immediate attention. Research indicates that more than 66% of deaths due to overdose as of 2018 were opioids related. Addiction is an ailment that requires medical intervention since it affects the normal functioning of your body, behavior, and brain. Moreover, drug addiction has far-reaching implications in the long term aside from typical acute effects. 1. Effect on the Overall Health Substance use disorder, better known as drug addiction, cause a variety of long-term and short-term health effects on the body. Such consequences

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How Does A Halfway House Work?

When you are done with your stay in rehab and ready to move on with your sober life, you will be faced with a couple of choices. Should you go straight home and back to your normal lifestyle? Should you head to a halfway home instead? There are a few factors to consider when you are ready to leave rehab, such as a stay in a sober living facility. If this is your first time considering this type of option, then you may not even know how a halfway home works. That can be a daunting question that will make it harder to decide what to do. How does a halfway house work when you become a resident? You’ll feel much better if you have

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How To Enjoy a Party If You Are Sober?

Did you used to be the life of the party before you realized that you were swimming in the depths of an addiction? Or, you might fear that getting sober will turn you into that boring person that no one wants to invite. The truth is that life in sobriety is actually more fun and exciting when you don’t have to wake up fearing what you can’t remember. Being able to spend time at a party actually connecting with the other people feels good, and you’ll find that your social opportunities tend to increase when people aren’t worried about you embarrassing them in front of their family and friends. Yet, the question still remains of how to enjoy a party if you are sober when

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In AA or NA, What Does it Mean to Work Your Program?

Substance abuse can ravage your life. If you’re mired in the misery of addiction, life can seem hopeless. However, there is hope. That hope is in recovery. Millions have recovered from an apparently hopeless condition of mind and body. You may wonder how. A common bond between those recovering from a substance abuse disorder is recovery fellowships. AA and NA are two of the most well-known. Both AA and NA have similar 12-step programs to help you recover from an addiction. So, what does it mean to work your program in AA and NA? The Program It won’t take many meetings to hear this topic discussed. Working the program in AA and NA is a strongly suggested pathway to follow. While it might not be

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What Are the Benefits of AA?

There are a number of paths someone can take to find help for a substance abuse disorder. For decades, people with alcoholism have flocked to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Millions claim years of sober time, dedicating AA for saving their lives. Many AA fellowships welcome people with issues other than alcoholism. However, the primary purpose of the organizations is to help the still suffering alcoholic. So, with decades of success to support the results, what are the benefits of AA? Experience, Strength and Hope A common question shared by many who are new in recovery wonders how people actually stay clean and sober. What did these people with years’ worth of sober time do it? Is there some sort of magic trick to staying

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