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Do you have to pay to live in a sober house?

A sober house provides a drug and alcohol free living environment that you can choose to go to after you’ve completed your initial addiction treatment. Some people stay in sober living for a short period of time while they adjust to live outside of rehab. Others choose to stay in the house for longer so that they can continue to rebuild their life. You’ll find all kinds of people in sober living houses, but they all share the same goal of sobriety. When you are curious about the question of do you have to pay to live in a sober house, it helps to understand how the whole process works. There are many different ways to cover the cost of addiction treatment. By the time

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What is involved when going to a sober house?

People who are battling an addiction often have to seek professional help in order to sober up. Addiction rehabilitation facilities are designed to help people quit different types of addiction. Whether you are experiencing a substance addiction or alcohol addiction, a sober house is the right place to seek help. Sober houses help people battling substance addiction, and it should not be scary if it is your first time in such a facility. If you are going into rehab, here is what to expect. You must be willing to reform First, if you are going to a drug rehabilitation facility, you must know that they do not have locks. You will not be forced to go through the program. You will have the freedom to

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How to live a sober lifestyle

The path to sobriety can be both long and challenging. This is why people are strongly encouraged to seek help all throughout the various stages of this journey. Recovering addicts with the highest rates of success tend to be individuals who are diligent in their efforts to choose healthy and supportive living environments. Whether you’re just beginning drug or alcohol addiction treatment or have recently completed an intensive, inpatient program, learning how to maintain a sober lifestyle is essential. With the right sober living plan, it’s possible to avoid all of the most common stumbling-blocks and setbacks. For many, the best way to maintain a sober lifestyle after drug or alcohol rehab is by taking up residence in a sober living house. This is a

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How long should I stay in a sober living?

Once you have made that major change to your life and have completed rehab, you may be wondering just what is next. You’re doing great and feel better than you ever have before, but you still aren’t sure whether you should go back to your old life or not. You may have family and friends waiting for you at home, but you still think that you need a little bit more time. What’s next? A sober living home is often the next step for recovering addicts. As a transitional place between rehab and mainstream life, sober living homes can provide you with a safe space to gently ease yourself back into the next step of your sober life. You’ll get the type of support you

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When is a good time to go to sober living?

There are many reasons why you may be wondering whether or not you should go into a sober living home. Sober living homes can help you stay on the right path, and they are a great idea for those who have nowhere else to go right out of rehab. You may be wondering, when is a good time to go to sober living? Read on to learn more about sober living and what you will accomplish while living there. What are sober living homes? Sober living homes refer to facilities that offer safe housing in a supportive environment for those who are trying to stay sober. In most cases, people transition to a sober living facility after they have completed rehab. It is a transitional

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Did AA work for you?

As a recovering alcoholic, I am often asked a lot of different questions. The most popular question I receive is how I was able to get sober. When I tell them that AA had a large part in my journey, I get the next question- did AA work for you? Everyone wants to know how well the support group works and whether or not I would recommend them. The answer is yes, I would. In my humble experience, too many people think that they can get sober on their own. They believe that they do not have to admit to anyone that they have a problem. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t usually work that way. I tried many times to get sober

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What is a Sober House?

People going into recovery from drug and alcohol abuse often ask about the term “sober house” and how it relates to their journey to wellness. The sober house is where you can transition to recovery, after completing the previous steps in your treatment. The sober house, or sober living house is also called a halfway house. It can serve as a bridge between your living at an inpatient facility and going back to the real world, where you may suddenly face numerous challenges. Some of the steps that you will have taken already before you are ready for a sober house include: Detox Inpatient facility Therapy and programs Counseling As an inpatient, you had very little freedom to go about. This will change when you

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Why is it so hard to get clean and sober?

Many people may assume that addiction is a choice. If the addict or alcoholic could just stop using drugs or alcohol, they could be so much happier. The logic makes sense, but the disease doesn’t. There are plenty of reasons getting clean and sober is not as easy as just having the “willpower”. For most people, getting clean and sober requires a network of help rather than gumption alone. While it is certainly possible to kick addiction, there are very real factors that can get in the way if they are not tackled head on. The Connection Replacement Despite what was once a popular belief, those who abuse substances are often incredibly self-reliant and strong-willed people. In fact, these traits can actually lead to addiction.

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What is best place to send an alcoholic?

Alcoholism, alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are three prevalent issues that can cause serious mental, emotional and financial damage. When someone suffers from alcohol addiction, or any addiction for that matter, they often feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. But this is not true as there are plenty of areas to go for help. Here are some of the best places for alcoholics to go to. Alcohol Treatment Center One place many alcoholics go to for help is an alcohol treatment center. These rehabilitation facilities are designed to help their patients overcome their alcoholism through multiple methods. These methods may include: Therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, family counseling and support groups Taking medication designed to treat alcoholism such as vivitrol,

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Do you live a sober life? What does that feel like?

It took me years to come to terms with the fact that I had an addiction to alcohol. I was always under the assumption that alcoholics were just people who couldn’t handle their lives and ended up alone and on the streets. That wasn’t me, I told myself. I had a good job, paid my bills, and had family and friends who cared about me. However, it was becoming increasingly apparent to everyone around me that I was having a problem with alcohol. Four years after I took my last drink, I have no trouble admitting that I had an addiction. Now people ask me, Do you live a sober life? What does that feel like? I’m happy to admit that it feels amazing. No,

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