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How Does A Halfway House Work?

When you are done with your stay in rehab and ready to move on with your sober life, you will be faced with a couple of choices. Should you go straight home and back to your normal lifestyle? Should you head to a halfway home instead? There are a few factors to consider when you are ready to leave rehab, such as a stay in a sober living facility. If this is your first time considering this type of option, then you may not even know how a halfway home works. That can be a daunting question that will make it harder to decide what to do. How does a halfway house work when you become a resident? You’ll feel much better if you have

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How To Enjoy a Party If You Are Sober?

Did you used to be the life of the party before you realized that you were swimming in the depths of an addiction? Or, you might fear that getting sober will turn you into that boring person that no one wants to invite. The truth is that life in sobriety is actually more fun and exciting when you don’t have to wake up fearing what you can’t remember. Being able to spend time at a party actually connecting with the other people feels good, and you’ll find that your social opportunities tend to increase when people aren’t worried about you embarrassing them in front of their family and friends. Yet, the question still remains of how to enjoy a party if you are sober when

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In AA or NA, What Does it Mean to Work Your Program?

Substance abuse can ravage your life. If you’re mired in the misery of addiction, life can seem hopeless. However, there is hope. That hope is in recovery. Millions have recovered from an apparently hopeless condition of mind and body. You may wonder how. A common bond between those recovering from a substance abuse disorder is recovery fellowships. AA and NA are two of the most well-known. Both AA and NA have similar 12-step programs to help you recover from an addiction. So, what does it mean to work your program in AA and NA? The Program It won’t take many meetings to hear this topic discussed. Working the program in AA and NA is a strongly suggested pathway to follow. While it might not be

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What Are the Benefits of AA?

There are a number of paths someone can take to find help for a substance abuse disorder. For decades, people with alcoholism have flocked to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Millions claim years of sober time, dedicating AA for saving their lives. Many AA fellowships welcome people with issues other than alcoholism. However, the primary purpose of the organizations is to help the still suffering alcoholic. So, with decades of success to support the results, what are the benefits of AA? Experience, Strength and Hope A common question shared by many who are new in recovery wonders how people actually stay clean and sober. What did these people with years’ worth of sober time do it? Is there some sort of magic trick to staying

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What If Rehab Doesn't Work?

Many former addicts achieved sobriety after attending rehab. In many instances, these in-patient treatment centers supervised by a variety of trained medical and psychological professionals help dependents beat their demons. Unfortunately, however, these therapeutic programs are not always successful. When such circumstances arise, the recovering subjects and their close associations are left to wonder what the next logical steps are. If Rehab Fails When rehab fails, the most crucial step the impacted dependent must take is to identify why. Addiction specialists maintain the effort might come up short for any number of reasons including: A Negative Or Lacking Support System A crucial but sometimes overlooked facet of recovery is the existence of a solid support system. Many former addicts successfully completed rehab because they possessed

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Confronting an Addict about Their Addiction

One of the most challenging experiences a person may have during their life is confronting an addict concerning their addiction. Individuals with substance abuse issues are mentally and emotionally fragile. If a confrontation is not done correctly, the addict can end up feeling alienated from those around them. They may believe they’re being attacked by friends or family. The key to a successful intervention is to make the best possible preparations. Observe Behavior For a few weeks before an intervention, an addict’s behavior should be observed. This will make it possible to determine the magnitude of the problem and realize how it is affecting the addict’s life. These observations need to be shared with the addict’s closest friends and family. Research When someone suspects a

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Are There Other Ways to Maintain Sobriety Without AA Meetings?

Battling an addiction can be a challenge. An important part of recovery is forming connections with others who are striving to stay clean and sober. Alcoholics have a worldwide fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. AA has helped millions of alcoholics stay sober. But what if something happened that there weren’t any AA meeting? What if your family commitments or job responsibilities conflict with all the available meetings? What if your lack of transportation makes getting to a meeting virtually impossible? Are there other ways to maintain sobriety with AA meetings? Despite being an excellent program, there are things you can do to stay sober other than meetings. Develop a Support System This is one of the big things that AA meeting goers have access.

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What Are Some of the Main Rules of Living In a Sober Home?

Sober living homes are one of the safest places you can go when you are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Once you move in to the home, you’ll meet the other residents who have all made a commitment to stay sober. You’ll also spend time learning about the rules that everyone must follow when they live in the house. Sober living house rules are designed to help everyone stay safe and maintain their sobriety. Although living in a house with rules might seem strange as an adult, they are quite simple to follow. Most likely, you already follow several of the most common rules already since they are all based upon practicing common courtesy to the other residents. Since people who go to

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What Is Considered a Relapse?

When on an alcohol or drug treatment, the last thing you wish to have is a relapse during recovery. Staying sober during recovery is a lot of work. The main goal after this treatment is to keep off from all forms of drugs. A lot has been said regarding what a relapse is. For instance, if a heroin addict in recovery takes one beer, is that the relapse? Or, when an alcoholic vapes some marijuana, is it a relapse? Even though every individual undergoes an entirely different process, please try and stay away from all drug substances. Let’s find out what a relapse is. What is a Relapse? Relapse refers to a condition that had improved starting to worsen. In substance treatment, relapse refers to

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Can Alcoholics Recover Without Rehab?

The decision to give up alcohol and start a new life of sobriety is one you should be immensely proud of. Alcohol is a hard substance to give up completely. We’re all surrounded by the chance to imbibe almost every day of our lives. It’s socially acceptable to have a drink or two in social situations, such as parties, barbeques, dinners, and so much more. We see commercials for the newest wine flavor and the best whiskey on the television, on social media, and on billboards. Drinking alcohol at a bar is basically expected of a person, even if they are only there for a meal. When it comes to quitting, you’re going to need all the help you can get. If you are an

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