How long should I stay in a sober living?

Once you have made that major change to your life and have completed rehab, you may be wondering just what is next. You’re doing great and feel better than you ever have before, but you still aren’t sure whether you should go back to your old life or not. You may have family and friends waiting for you at home, but you still think that you need a little bit more time. What’s next?

A sober living home is often the next step for recovering addicts. As a transitional place between rehab and mainstream life, sober living homes can provide you with a safe space to gently ease yourself back into the next step of your sober life. You’ll get the type of support you can usually only find from those who are understanding of a drug or alcohol addiction.

If you are asking the following question, How long should I stay in a sober living facility?- read on to find out more.

The ins and outs of a sober living facility

A sober living facility will make your life a lot easier when you have to leave rehab and rejoin the world. Too many times, recovering addicts leave rehab clean but uncertain. You may fall into this category. Maybe you wanted to spend more time in rehab, but you didn’t have enough money or insurance to lengthen your stay. You may have had to leave earlier because of work or family obligations. Sure, you detoxed and are clean now, but you still don’t feel comfortable heading back to your regular lifestyle. You’re scared that you need more time, and you certainly do not want to relapse.

A sober living home will be the best solution for your worries. You’ll have more freedom than you did in rehab while you were a resident, but you won’t have the triggers of mainstream life surrounding you right away.

How long should you stay in a sober living home?

Once you are a resident of a sober living home, you will understand why they are so popular for recovering addicts. You’ll be with others who understand what life is like for someone in recovery. Most sober living homes offer recovery meetings in-house that you will be expected to attend. These meetings will reinforce the desire to stay away from harmful substances and alcohol.

The big question is, how long should you stay in a sober living home? The answer is one that will depend on many factors. One major factor is relapse rates. According to studies, addicts who can abstain from drugs or alcohol for one year or more have lower rates of relapse that addicts who don’t. If you decide to leave your sober living arrangement before a year is over, you may put yourself at a higher risk of relapse.

However, you may not have the means or desire to stay for a year or more, and that is okay. Before you decide to leave, consider the following questions:

Where will I go?

If you have a supportive, safe place to go after living in a sober living facility, it will help you stay clean. If you are heading back to a place that could trigger a relapse, you may want to stay in the sober living home longer.

How am I feeling?

Are you feeling good about your sobriety? Are you feeling strong enough to leave a supportive environment and go off on your own? If so, it could be time to make the move. If you are still very anxious and unsure of yourself, consider staying a bit longer.

What are my plans?

Do you have a solid plan for your departure? Your life doesn’t have to be 100% mapped out, but you will want to have some type of plan for when you leave. Whether it is work outside the house, school, volunteer work, or simply staying busy at home, knowing you have something to go home to will help you leave the facility.

What is my gut feeling?

Always go with your gut. Don’t be pushed or rushed into leaving a sober living home before you are ready. Only YOU know when your mind and spirit are good to go. If you have doubts, stay on and work through them. You won’t regret the decision.

Calling a reliable rehab is important

Before you head to a sober living home, spend time in a rehab that caters to your personal needs. Call today- you can reach us at 954-523-1167