How many times did you go to rehab?

Ever since substance abuse turned your life upside down, you feel like it’s something you have to drag around with you forever. You hit rock bottom, admitted you had a problem, and reached out for professional help. You completed rehab. It didn’t stick the first time around. Like nearly 50% of people who have chosen to go to an addiction recovery program, you suffered a relapse. You turned to addiction recovery professionals only to experience failure once again when you returned to the outside world. You’re so frustrated. Your guilty conscience keeps asking you how many times did you go to rehab?

When are You Finally Going Succeed at Addiction Recovery?

The most important thing you need to do is stop beating yourself up. Addiction is an illness. It isn’t something you can simply turn off like the flick of a switch. You can’t just walk away cold turkey. It’s going to take time to break the chains of substance abuse. Don’t lose hope. Today is a new day full of possibilities. You may find the solution for you just around the corner.

Don’t Give Up on Yourself

The journey to sober living is a process. It won’t happen overnight. You brought a lot of baggage with you when you entered an addiction recovery facility. You may have had a lifetime of problems that contributed to your substance abuse. An unstable home life, neglect or abuse from a parent, and a lack of support could have prompted you to turn to your source of addiction. If you didn’t have love in your life, substance abuse could have been your substitute. Anxiety, depression, or a chronic health condition may have influenced your choices as you looked for relief from your pain. You’re human. Going through a relapse simply means you need help along the way on the road to recovery.

Finding the Right Program for You is Key

If your previous experiences in a rehab center did not give you promising results, consider looking for a new program. Recovery from substance abuse isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each individual responds differently to a program. Talk to your doctor, friends, and family members to learn about programs that are available to you. Learn about the philosophy that is embraced in each facility. Find out if a different treatment protocol may be more effective for you. In the end, your success may revolve around a therapist who connects with you on a deeper level than anyone else.

Set the Stage for Success When You Complete Rehab

Every time you walk out the door of a rehab program, you want to be free from addiction. This time is no different than previous experiences. You can help yourself by setting yourself up for victory. Make sure you don’t have any access to the source of your addiction in your home. Stay away from negative influences that could lead to another relapse. Attend support group meetings on a regular basis. Talk to your sponsor or your therapist if you are afraid you are going to give into temptation. Surrounds yourself with people who care about you and support your sober lifestyle.

Consider a Sober Living Home

You may not be ready to go home immediately after completing rehab. Independent living can be full of stress. Obligations, such as paying your bills, working full time, and taking care of your household, can place a great deal of pressure on your shoulders. Difficult situations often trigger a return to substance abuse. You can choose a transitional arrangement in a sober living home before going solo with your recovery. You will live in a safe environment where house managers want to help you reach your goals. Support is available around the clock. There will be no sources of temptation. You’ll be surrounded by others who are facing similar struggles. You may stay as long as six months while you build your confidence, become independent, and take control of your life again.

Find the Final Piece of the Puzzle

You have been battling addiction for so long. You’re ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our counselors are here for you. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a sober living home as you take the next step in the recovery process. Contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 954-523-1167. We are here to help you find a program that is the right fit.