Where Should I Go After Rehab in Florida

Making the hard, yet very necessary, decision to commit to a rehab facility will be one of the best decisions of your life. No matter where you are in your addiction, from the beginning stages to rock bottom to everything in-between, rehab will get you back on track again. You’ll be given the tools that you have been looking for that will help you say no to drugs and alcohol for good.

Experts now understand that addiction is not a choice-it is a disease, just like diabetes or heart disease. This is important to remember when you find yourself in need of rehab. You need help from a professional facility that understands what you are going through and can give you the comprehensive care that your mind and body so desperately need. You’ll leave rehab feeling like a brand new person when you take the time to put yourself first for once.

While rehab is the first important step, your sobriety has to be kept in check even after you leave. You may not feel comfortable going home right away. This would lead to asking where you should go after you are through with the program. Read on to find the answer to this question.

The Next Step- Sober Living Facilities

There are many choices when it comes to rehab. If you can take the time off and can afford the treatment, inpatient rehab will be the best one. You’ll get comprehensive services during your stay, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with outside influences while you are there. Most rehab inpatient centers offer a variety of programs. You may be able to choose from a week-long stay to a 30-day stay. Some are even longer. However, you may need to go to an outpatient rehab if you cannot commit to the full-time facility. Outpatient rehabs allow you to work around your schedule, a plus if you have a job, school, or other responsibilities you cannot just give up. They also offer weekend services if this is something you could use.

No matter which one you choose, rehab comes to an end at some point. From there, you may decide to transition into a sober living facility, also called a halfway house. This choice will give you the chance to slowly re-integrate yourself back into society at your own pace. But you may have questions concerning this step, as well!

What is Sober Living?

A sober living house, also commonly known as a halfway house, is a literal home that offers recovering addicts a place to stay right out of rehab. They are typically run by some type of organization and will have one resident who is in charge of the others. They are a place for recovering addicts to either learn or relearn the skills they need to support themselves and function in society.

A sober living facility will typically offer psychiatric, medical, and social services to residents. Residents of the home will be expected to maintain sobriety the entire time they are there. If you choose a sober living home after rehab, expect to be drug tested regularly. You will also likely have to take a breathalyzer test at the same time. Residents who fail either test may be given a warning, or they may be removed from the home the first time.

If you are a resident of a sober living home, you will be permitted to leave for work, school, and other responsibilities. However, you will be given a curfew that you must abide by unless you can show that you are working or have other obligations at the time. You will be expected to keep your room clean and will be assigned various household chores every week along with the other residents.

Why Choose Sober Living?

When you get through with rehab, you may not think you are quite ready to face the life you once had. By staying in a clean and sober environment, you can ease yourself back into society without the triggers you are used to. You’ll have more freedom than you would at an inpatient rehab but less than if you went straight back to the life you had before rehab. You’ll also be living with other residents who are going through the same frustrations as you. You won’t be alone with your addiction.

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