What Kind of Recovery Support Will I Get in a Florida Sober Living Home?

Learning how to live clean and sober can be challenging. These challenges are often magnified by your home environment. There are situations so challenging that your chances against relapse are terrible.

So what can you do when your home environment presents dangerous challenges to your recovery? In Florida, there are many structured, sober living homes. Let’s talk about the kind of recovery support you will get in a Florida sober living home.


There is a reason that recovering addicts and alcoholics are encouraged to become involved with a recovery fellowship. The network of like-minded friendships can prove indispensable. This same type of support is available in a Florida sober living home.

You will have people to talk to about recovery. There are also helpful conversations about life problems and recovery challenges. Florida sober living homes will have individuals in residence who have strong recovery experience.

There will also be bonds you will form with other members of the home. A network of connections can prove pivotal, especially during the transition period from a treatment facility back to your home. A Florida sober living home offers this helpful type of support, and some relationships may turn into lifelong friendships.


Living in a sober house is not a vacation from real life. Sometimes a lot of our daily responsibilities are reduced during the time we spend in a residential treatment facility. Even you attend outpatient treatment, learning how to be responsible as a sober adult is vital.

Florida sober living homes will provide you with structured responsibility. There will be items on your schedule that help teach you to make and keep commitments. You may be responsible for various house chores, or even paying rent once you’re employed.

Staying clean and sober is your responsibility. To be given an opportunity to grow this important aspect of your recovery in a sober environment is a valuable asset of sober living homes. A Florida sober living home will help support your recovery by teaching you responsibility.


Along with responsible, many addicts and alcoholics have been weak in the area of accountability. A Florida sober living home will require you to be accountable for your own recovery.

Frequently, there are set guidelines you will need to follow. You will not be under some type of Draconian restrictions, but you will need to attend required meetings and remain clean and sober.

You may be asked for an occasional drug test, not out of suspicion, but to help you grow more accountable in early sobriety. Having the support of others in recovery can show you what accountability is and how you can grow more accountable to others and yourself.

Safe and Drug Free Environment

The final type of support you will find at a Florida sober living home may be the most important. You will develop friendships and learn to be responsible. They will also provide support for improving your accountability by insisting you remain clean and sober.

This is a strictly enforced rule, which every sober living home will insist upon. The reason is simple. One of the earliest challenges to recovery are the myriad of triggers. There will be no drugs in the house, and no one may return to the home intoxicated.

The assurance of having a safe, clean and drug free haven to work on your recovery is imperative. It is part of the support structure you will get from residing at a Florida sober living home.

Being embroiled in addiction can seem like a nightmare. We often reach a point where we think there is no longer any hope. That is not true. There is hope, even if you’re just realizing you have a drug or alcohol problem, or if you seem to be stuck on a merry-go-round of relapse.

Regardless of how deeply you feel you’re buried in your addiction, treatment can be a beacon to a fresh way of living. One part of treatment might entail living in a supportive environment. It might during your outpatient program, or as a transition after residential treatment.

Whatever you do after reading about these types of support Florida sober living homes can offer, reach out for help if you haven’t. It takes courage to admit you need help. However, once you make that first call, it can feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Make the call today, because tomorrow might be too late.  Call 954-523-1167