What causes drug addiction?

Drug addiction is identified as a repeated and compulsive use of an increasing amount of drugs. This is accompanied by the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops using them. The exact causes of drug addiction are not yet known. There are certain things that play a major role in drug addiction such as ignorance, psychological factors, genetics, environment, and more. Many experts believe there is more than one factor that could result in a person developing a drug addiction.


Many drug addicts claim their drug use was based on ignorance. This is often the case when a person must deal with health issues involving pain-management. When they receive a certain type of drug, such as oxycodone, it is very addictive. When a person is ignorant of a drug’s potential for addiction, combined with their pain issues, it can result in them becoming addicted.


Many experts believe that psychological factors make up most of what causes drug addiction. Research has shown that it is common for psychological issues to cause drug addiction. It is often something traumatic a drug addict experienced when they were young. Chaos, sexual or physical abuse, as well as neglect in a home, will result in individuals experiencing intense psychological stress. This often causes people to decrease their mental and emotional pain by using drugs. There are also other psychological situations that could lead to drug addiction.

  • Lack of stress coping skills
  • Mental illness such as depression
  • Poor performance at school or work
  • An inability to connect with others resulting in a lack of friends


It has been proven that drug addiction tends to run in families. This indicates that genetics may be a factor for individuals to develop a drug addiction. A study involving twins showed that half of the risk involved with someone becoming addicted to drugs is genetic. Drug addiction involving genetics seems to include multiple gene sequences. Science has not yet been able to determine all the genes involved with drug addiction. It has been determined that some genes do contribute directly to drug addiction.


An individual’s environment can be a major factor in causing drug addiction. In environments where drug abuse is regularly seen or where it is viewed as permissible, drug addiction is more common. It has been shown that children who grow up in environments with drug addicts often also become drug addicts. Most drug use begins during adolescence. Individuals with neglectful, inattentive, or abusive parents are more likely to abuse drugs. A common cause of drug addiction is when a lack of parental oversight is combined with drug experimentation. There are also other factors.

  • Gender and ethnicity have been shown to contribute to the addiction of certain drugs
  • Participation in a sport where the use of performance-enhancing drugs is encouraged
  • People of lower socioeconomic status have a higher risk of developing a drug addiction
  • Being part of a peer group that promotes the use of drugs increases the chance of drug addiction.


It is common for young people to rebel against their parents or other authority figures. This is done for a variety of reasons and to different extremes. In some cases, they desire attention. It’s also possible they want to break away from their family’s social structure or belief system. The act of rebellion can take many forms. It could involve how a young person dresses, their behavior as well as abusing drugs. The abuse of drugs is a tool a young person often uses to cause their family pain as well as punish their parents. When young people do this, they often end up hurting themselves the most. They must eventually deal with the consequences of their actions. It can cause them to experience the suffering that goes with drug addiction.

Recreational Experimentation

Too many times individuals will develop an addiction to drugs because they want to have fun. Their drug use begins as part of recreation. This type of drug use is responsible for a significant number of people developing an addiction. It happens often in the United States and around the world.


All people experience loneliness at different times in their life for many reasons. This is considered a common stepping stone to addiction. It is a pain people often struggle to verbalize. Using drugs initially helps, but is not a solution. It will lead to more complicated problems.

Nobody intends to become addicted to drugs, and yet it happens. There are many reasons for addiction. There is help available. If you are ready to begin a journey toward recovery, call us today at 123-456-7890. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 954-523-1167 and speak with someone right now.