How Does a Halfway House Work?

You may have heard the term “halfway house” in the past but never fully understood what one is or how it can you in your recovery. A halfway house is a sober living home or community for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Halfway houses are not treatment centers, but they offer regular classes, meetings, groups, and a substance-free environment where their residents can continue their recovery.

Halfway houses, also known as sober living houses, work best for those who have completed some time in a treatment center or completed detox. The reason is that unlike treatment centers and detox facilities, halfway houses offer their residents a much greater degree of freedom. Too much freedom too soon can lead to relapse. If you have hit rock bottom, a halfway house can be an excellent means of getting back on your feet. Keep in mind that halfway houses are not free, nor are they a free ride to recover for a few days and then go back to old behaviors. Overcoming a substance addiction is a serious matter, and you have to want sobriety to be clean and sober. Where you live only plays a small role in recovery.

Getting Into a Halfway House

Suppose you’ve completed a treatment center program or detox and don’t feel that returning to your old environment would be suitable for your recovery. In that case, a halfway house is a great way to continue your journey into a new and better life without drugs or alcohol. Most treatment and detox centers will help you prepare an exit plan before leaving and can recommend a halfway house that suits your needs. You can also do an online search for halfway houses in your area.

Even if you haven’t completed a detox or treatment program, you can still get into a good halfway house if you’re serious about getting clean. Most halfway houses want you to have at least three days of sobriety before entering. If you’re serious about giving up drugs and alcohol, you will have to stop using all mind-altering substances before you attempt to become a resident in a halfway house. Halfway houses test their residents before entering and usually perform random tests throughout your stay and if you have taken a weekend pass to spend time with family or loved ones. Regular drug tests are a part of living in a halfway house.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Halfway House Living

Halfway house living comes with pros and cons, just like everything else in life. The critical thing to keep in mind is that sobriety is where you find it. If you really want it, you’ll find a way to get it. Some of the benefits of living in a halfway house include access to community resources, the ability to work, the opportunity to save money, stay in a clean and sober living environment, and develop a strong support group. Some of the cons of living in a halfway house include freedom to come and go as you please, having extra money if you work, others in the home using drugs or drinking, and dealing with the stress of living away from friends and family. In most instances, the pros of living in a halfway house far outweigh the cons.

How to Benefit From Living in a Halfway House

Living in a sober living house can benefit you in several ways. First and most important, it can keep you off the streets and clean and sober if you have nowhere to go. One thing about addiction is that it can take everything from you, including money, job, friends, and family. A good halfway house can help you get your life back and help you get back what you have lost. If you can’t go to treatment before going to live at a halfway house, you should make the most out of groups, counseling, and meetings. Get to know the residents who have been living there for a while and use them for support. Ask long-term residents for their advice on the best way to stay clean.

If you’re able, get a job and start saving money. You also need to learn the rules of the house and follow them to the letter. Discipline and responsibility are part of living without drugs or alcohol. If you are tired of living day to day with a drug or alcohol addiction and want to start a new life free from addiction, call us today and let one of our counselors get you started on the road to recovery and a better life. We’re here 24/7 to help you. Call us at 954-523-1167.