Do you have to pay to live in a sober house?

A sober house provides a drug and alcohol free living environment that you can choose to go to after you’ve completed your initial addiction treatment. Some people stay in sober living for a short period of time while they adjust to live outside of rehab. Others choose to stay in the house for longer so that they can continue to rebuild their life. You’ll find all kinds of people in sober living houses, but they all share the same goal of sobriety. When you are curious about the question of do you have to pay to live in a sober house, it helps to understand how the whole process works.

There are many different ways to cover the cost of addiction treatment. By the time that you complete an inpatient stay at a rehab, you may be concerned about how much after care you can afford. You might also be concerned about essential parts of rebuilding your life. For instance, you may now be facing the need to pay for rent, utilities and transportation no matter where you choose to go after you finish your first phase of treatment. Going to a sober house may require you to cover some costs, but it is often comparable to other housing options.

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

Every sober living house is unique. You’ll find different house rules among the various options along with variances regarding costs. Most sober living houses require you to pay some type of rent or monthly fee. The amount that you need to pay varies depending upon the location along with the types of services and amenities that the house offers. For instance, you might pay slightly more if the sober living house covers things such as having a counselor on staff.

The good news is that there are many different ways to cover the cost of sober living. Depending upon the services that you receive, you might be eligible to use your insurance to pay for the stay. Some people also receive grants and special scholarships that help to cover the cost. Most sober living homes encourage the residents to work. During your time there, you can get help finding a job, and then paying for your stay is no different from paying for other kinds of housing.

What Else Should I Know About Sober Houses?

The cost might be one of the biggest things that you are worried about, but it is also important to understand all of the factors that influence your decision regarding a place to live after rehab. As you explore your options, you’ll want to find out what the living environment is like at the sober house. For instance, some sober houses have curfews that help you to stay accountable. If your former habits involved drinking or doing drugs during the latter night hours, then it is helpful to know that someone expects you to be home at a certain time. It is also reassuring to know that those same people will be there to help talk you through cravings and distract you with fun activities.

A sober house should also support your efforts to improve your wellbeing. Look for a sober house that lets you work with your housemates to prepare healthy meals. Assistance with a job search is also a helpful service to find at a sober house. The home that you choose may need to be located near public transportation or in an area where you know that you can easily find a job or volunteer opportunity. Paying attention to all of the factors that influence your success helps you to be sure that you’ll be happy in the house for as long as you need to get on your feet.

Is Going to a Sober Living House Worth It?

There are some things that money cannot buy, and one of those things is your continued sobriety. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now, and it is normal to be apprehensive about returning to your former life. In some cases, you may not want to move back to your old neighborhood, or you might just need a little extra time to get stronger before you do.

In either case, a sober living house provides you with a supportive foundation to continue your journey. Being surrounded by other people who support your goals is worth more than gold. Whether you have to pay for sober living or not, you will be proud of your decision when you need to lean on someone for support.

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