How Going To a Men’s Halfway House Can Shape The Early Stages of Your Recovery Journey

Both inpatient and outpatient rehabs have been known to provide high success rates to their patients. These facilities offer a very organized and structured setting for residents who are going through the stages of withdrawal as well as comprehensive therapy services when they are ready. This helps to minimize stress levels in a safe, supportive environment.

If you are a man who is struggling with an addiction to drugs, either prescription or legal, rehab can help. Don’t put off your need for assistance any longer. With the variety of programs available, from month-long sessions to daily outpatient groups, there is a plan that will work for everyone. It doesn’t even matter where you are in your journey. You may be at the beginning of your addiction, or you might be at the “rock bottom” you hear so much about. Wherever you are in your stage of addiction, rehab can help.

But you may be asking yourself one question- what will I do after rehab is over? Where will I go, especially if I need more help? Will my sobriety come to a screeching halt once I walk out the door? The answer you may be seeking is a halfway house for recovering addicts. Let’s take a look at why and how they can help.

What is a Halfway House Exactly?

A halfway house is a place a recovering addict can live while they get their life back together. Many rehab centers partner with halfway homes that will take in their patients once they are through with detox and the program. You must be clean and sober to live in a halfway house, and you will be asked to submit to drug tests and breathalyzers. A failed test can mean being kicked out of the home, so make sure you are dedicated to your sobriety.

While halfway homes do not have the same structured programs as an inpatient rehab, they do ask that residents adhere to their rules. As a resident, you will be permitted to leave for a job, if you have one. If you do not have a job when you first move in, you will have to prove that you are actively looking for one. A curfew must be followed, and you won’t be allowed to have friends in and out of the facility. You may or may not be allowed to have family visit, depending on the facility. While you won’t be living independently just yet, you will be living in a way that allows you to re-learn the things you need to re-integrate yourself back into your regular life.

How Does a Halfway House Help?

While it may seem like just a place to stay while you maintain your sobriety, a halfway house is much more than that. You’ll be living with others who have been in your situation before or are living it right now. You’ll have the structured environment you need and the crucial support of like-minded people to help you get back into society. Everyone in a halfway house is there because they are committed to avoiding the dreaded relapse.

The type of services and level of care offered in a halfway house will depend on where you are in your stage of recovery. They are carefully designed for men who are in the very early stages of recovery and need additional support and structure. The cost of living in one will depend on who runs the house, the geographical location, and other factors. Some insurance carriers will cover some or all of a stay in a halfway house. Others will charge rent based on a sliding scale.

A halfway house will help shape the first stages of your recovery greatly. You’ll likely have to participate in some type of outpatient care while you are there, such as AA or NA. You’ll talk with others in a group setting about your frustrations and problems. A halfway house allows you to begin your life outside of rehab alongside others who are just as committed to sobriety as you are. You’ll have a safety net to support you when you are feeling a relapse coming on, and you can be there for support for others who may need it.

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