What Is The Role Of AA?

Many people, especially youths, have turned to drugs and alcohol for various reasons. Some think they are just having fun, while others suffer from various disorders that prompt them to depend on drugs. Unluckily, in the process of trying to get pleasure from drugs, they would do anything, which means that in achieving their goals, they disregard the dangers. These dangers include neglecting their education, losing jobs and relationships with family members.

This is because they will become addicts of alcohol and drugs, a condition where one sees nothing important except for getting the next dose. Before they realize it, they have already ruined their lives. In such a case, getting the addicts out of drugs has become a necessity as they have been imprisoned by it. This is where organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous come in.

What is AA?

AA is an organization that encourages alcoholics to recover from their addiction and help others do the same through helping themselves. On becoming a member, one will be assigned a sponsor who will give them tips on how to come out of addiction. The first step is recognizing that they have a problem and then accepting that fact by seeking help from the organization. It also has twelve steps that members should follow to become sober and healthy individuals as well as stay clean. Through this, one can be able to enjoy their lives just like any other healthy human being.

The good thing with AA is that everyone is provided with special care and love. Unlike other organizations where there can be discrimination based on race, skin color and creed, it has no favoritism because everyone’s goal is to get over addiction without any distinction.

What is The Role of AA?

AA plays a very significant role in guiding alcoholics out of their addiction. The following are its roles in this process.

  • It helps people accept they are powerless over drugs and alcohol – The first role of AA is guiding addicts to accept they are powerless over alcohol and drugs. This organization’s role is quite challenging as most addicts do not believe that they need such help. When one accepts that he or she cannot control his or her life because of addiction, then there will be hope for recovery.
  • It provides members with tips on coping with addiction – AA does not solely focus on providing aids but also focuses on preventing future dependence. This is where it provides the addicts with suggestions and techniques to help them cope with their past addiction. It reminds them that they will always be struggling; hence they should learn how to manage themselves through the steps of the organization.
  • It provides members with support and empathy – As mentioned earlier, there is no discrimination in AA; thus, every member, regardless of color and creed, receives support and care. Everyone is equally treated as their goal is to help the addicts to recover from addiction. Through this, those who are feeling doubtful about themselves can regain self-confidence as they are motivated by other members.
  • It helps addicts to become independent from drugs and alcohol – Another important role of AA is helping addicts become independent from drugs and alcohol. This is because it provides them with strategies to help them cope with life without depending on drugs or alcohol for happiness. Instead, they can develop other interests that would make them just as happy as when taking the substances.
  • It promotes positive thinking – AA also helps addicts to have positive thoughts. This is because it encourages them to stay clean and be productive members of society. Through this, they can become happy human beings who are responsible for themselves and their surroundings. Above all, the organization provides healthy relationships with people who will support them in being sober individuals.
  • It educates people about the effects of alcoholism – Besides helping those with addiction, AA also communicates to those who are not addicts yet. It educates people on how dangerous it is to take alcohol before driving or doing any other task. The organization works day and night to spread awareness among communities about the effects of taking drugs, even in small amounts.
  • It helps in discovering underlying causes of addiction – Also, AA helps addicts and their families discover the underlying cause of addiction. This is because it often occurs with other problems such as low self-esteem, stress and depression. Through this process, those who are taking these substances can eliminate all the factors that lead them to addiction so they will not relapse once they recover from drugs or alcohol.

AA plays a very significant role in guiding alcoholics out of their addiction. The above are some of its roles in this process. Above all, the organization provides healthy relationships with people who will support them in being sober individuals. Call us at 954-523-1167.