How To Enjoy a Party If You Are Sober?

Did you used to be the life of the party before you realized that you were swimming in the depths of an addiction? Or, you might fear that getting sober will turn you into that boring person that no one wants to invite. The truth is that life in sobriety is actually more fun and exciting when you don’t have to wake up fearing what you can’t remember. Being able to spend time at a party actually connecting with the other people feels good, and you’ll find that your social opportunities tend to increase when people aren’t worried about you embarrassing them in front of their family and friends. Yet, the question still remains of how to enjoy a party if you are sober when you aren’t used to avoiding drugs or alcohol. You’ll find that attending parties after going to addiction treatment does change a little, but you’ll still have tons of fun.

One of the biggest things that changes when you get sober is that you start to look at the world differently. It is quite possible that you’ll find that you can’t attend certain events or be around specific people since they serve as triggers for your cravings. Many people need to avoid certain social events until they feel like they can handle temptation, but you can look forward to a future filled with birthday cakes and sparklers once you complete your treatment.

Make Sure That You Feel Strong In Your Sobriety

Going to a party often means encountering alcohol and potentially drugs. You are also likely to encounter people who might not know that you are sober, which means that they may offer you a drink. Real friends would never push drugs or alcohol on you, but you might still run into a few people who try to talk you into having a glass of an alcoholic beverage. This is why you’ll first want to make sure that you are completely ready to face potentially challenging situations.

In drug and alcohol rehab programs, you learn about the reasons why you use certain substances. Being aware that you are more likely to drink or use drugs when you are feeling stressed out or dealing with depression makes it easier for you to see why you feel tempted. In your treatment program, you will also work with your counselor to learn how to tell people that you are not interested in a drink or using drugs. You may even role play potential scenarios such as what you’d encounter at a party to help you automatically give a firm response when you need to tell someone that you aren’t interested. Later, you will still continue to work on these essential skills when you begin your after care program.

Understand the Importance of Sober Friends and Mentors

Getting sober often means having to leave some of your old friends behind. Anyone who doesn’t support your sobriety cannot be an active part of your life. While this might be hard at first, walking away from people who tempt you to drink or use drugs leaves more room for new friends who support your decision to get sober.

Many people choose to join a sober living community that is made up of people who understand the need to avoid falling back into their addiction habits. A sober friend or mentor is someone who chooses not to use drugs or alcohol, and they are the best people to spend time with when you are growing stronger in your sobriety. Knowing that you have someone to talk to when you are tempted to attend a party or have a drink makes it easier to continue the healthier path that you chose.

Plan How to Handle Temptation

As a newly sober person, there are several ways to handle an invitation to attend a party. One of the first things you’ll learn to do is determine whether or not there will be drugs or alcohol involved. You’ll also want to think about who will be there. For example, you might be able to attend a family birthday party that’s being held at a drug and alcohol free venue. In this instance, you might still want to bring along a sober friend to help you avoid temptation to and from the event.

You’ll also find that just planning fun things to do with your sober friends is all it takes to enjoy a party. Sober living communities plan events just like anyone else, and you’ll find it easy to kick back and relax when you are surrounded by likeminded people. Whether you are celebrating a holiday in the backyard or blowing the candles out on a birthday cake, your friends will be there to make sure that you always have fun while you stay sober.

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