How to Choose a Sober Living Program

Making an active decision to enroll in a sober living program is an accomplishment in itself. Whether you’ve made the choice for yourself or you’re helping a loved one to choose a treatment facility, this move is a powerful step. Don’t let the various options become overwhelming. Narrowing down facilities by looking at certain criteria is helpful.

Factors to Consider

While browsing through the possible choices for a sober living program, you might not know what features to look for. Ultimately, picking a program that feels comfortable and supportive to you is of utmost importance, and examining specific details can help in making this decision:

  • Proximity to home
  • Religious or spiritual component
  • Daily schedule
  • Social element
  • Continued support

Understanding how these different features affect your road to recovery will further help you to make the right choice.

Proximity to Home

Your first reaction might be to choose a facility that is as close to home as possible. However, think deeply about this decision. Some people actually benefit from getting away from their regular environment and having the time to focus exclusively on their own needs. On the other hand, you might have an immensely supportive family, and you do not want to journey too far away from these loved ones. Talking to a counselor about your specific needs can help you to determine how close to home to stay.

Religious or Spiritual Component

Some facilities take a faith-based approach to treatment, and you have to decide if this type of program is the right fit for you. If you are a particularly religious person, enrolling in a facility that fits with your faith can be an empowering move. Another possibility is to research sober living programs that take a more general approach to faith. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to be a member of a specific religion, but you can integrate spiritual strategies into your plan.

Daily Schedule

Understanding what a day in the treatment program will look like is important. For example, you might have the chance to participate in athletic or artistic opportunities in order to work on healing from your addiction. Some programs may encourage you to participate in group therapy on a regular basis, and other treatment facilities may emphasize individual counseling sessions. When you’re conducting research and speaking with counselors at possible facilities, ask what a typical day would look like at that establishment.

Social Element

Going through treatment for addiction can feel isolating at times, so you want to find out what type of social element is involved at the facility. You might have the ability to interact with your relatives and friends on a regular basis. However, you should also keep in mind the power of communicating and socializing with other residents at the facility. These individuals have an understanding of your struggle, and they are going through similar situations. Building a community of support is a motivational part of your journey toward recovery in the sober living program.

Continued Support

When your time living at the treatment center is done, you want to know what type of continued support will be available. The facility might offer an outpatient program that you can continue to participate in. Another possibility is that the coordinators at the sober living program can connect you with outpatient meetings that are closer to your home. Find a facility that will continue to provide you with support even when your time living in the space is over. Choosing a sober living program is not a task that you have to complete alone. Counselors are available to answer your questions and to help you figure out your next move. Give 954-523-1167 a call today to start asking these important questions to guide your recovery.