How To Choose a Sober Living Program

Once we get clean, how can we ensure that being in recovery is sustainable? The hardest part of addiction can be crystalizing motivation and finding the resources needed to stay clean. That’s why there are sober living programs available for addicts who are struggling to find a way out. Here’s a quick breakdown of what these facilities look like, offer, and work. A sober living program is usually an outpatient center or an intensive outpatient drug treatment facility that provides supportive services like group sessions, individualized counseling, and professional medical care for those affected by alcohol or drug addiction.

Steps to Recovery for Addiction

Therefore, a sober living program provides the holistic support that recovering addicts need to develop sustainable habits in recovery. There are many different kinds of sober living facilities, but they all have one thing in common: They are staffed by addiction specialists who are there to provide assistance and guidance. For most addicts who want to sustain sobriety, a sober living residence is an alternative to other recovery facilities like outpatient clinics or halfway houses. It has lower daily costs than residential treatment centers, and it is often more convenient for people with jobs and families who still want the benefits of drug rehab.

Admitting Powerlessness Over the Addiction

Admitting you have a problem is often the first step to recovery. Of course, many individuals are unwilling to accept that they have an addiction and seek drug rehabilitation to get clean. Instead, they see it as an indictment of their character and self-worth. They resist accepting the fact that they suffer from a disease that makes them unable to control their behavior. Instead, they seek to blame their addiction on other factors such as genetics, poor upbringing, or stressful life events. Such reasoning is quite common among addicts.

In reality, you are powerless over your addiction. You cannot fight it and take control of it because you do not have the means to do so. Every person suffering from an addiction suffers from a disease that prevents them from living a healthy, everyday life. The most crucial step to recovery is admitting you need help and that your addiction is out of control. After you make this initial admission, you can begin the recovery process. Sober living facilities are just one piece of the process, but it is crucial for maintaining long-term sobriety in recovery. They are also unable or reluctant to do so because admitting defeat means losing control over the addiction. It is the great fear of addicts who have not yet been through detoxification or rehabilitation programs: they are worried that admitting defeat will prevent them from returning home once rehab has ended. For this reason, many addicts avoid treatment and try to self-detox before they become ready to ask for help.

Deciding To Turn Control Over to the Higher Power

Once you are ready to admit you have a problem, the next step is deciding to give control over your life to a higher power. It does not mean praying to specific gods or deities. Instead, it means acknowledging that you have control over your actions but that it is ultimately up to your higher power whether or not you will be able to sustain recovery. The first time most addicts step into rehab, they resent the program and view it as an imposition on their freedom. They don’t understand that addiction is a disease and that these programs are designed for their benefit.

It is through surrender that you will be able to receive the help and support you need to stay clean. Professional addiction care specialists closely monitor Sober living programs and know how to spot and deal with any signs of relapse or drug abuse problems. And this is why they are so effective: they provide the supervision, medical care, and counseling needed for a successful recovery. The sober living residence will also encourage you to continue seeking support from your family and friends. In the end, a sober living program is the most effective way to get lasting support for maintaining sobriety. The fact that these programs are available for addicts needing long-term recovery proves they are effective.

But most importantly, this means that you can trust that when you go home on the weekends, it will be because you want to and not because you’re too intoxicated to choose otherwise. To learn more about sober living facilities, contact us today. We provide individualized care for addicts seeking to maintain sobriety. Call us at 954-523-1167.