After Going To Treatment in South Florida, Should I Continue On To Sober Living?

Beating an addiction is only one step in a lifelong process. Treatment in South Florida is a place many people begin their journey in recovery. However, early recovery, especially the transitional period from treatment back into normal life, can be challenging.

Frequently, one of the toughest challenges for people in recovery is returning to an unsupportive or risky home environment. The specter of old faces and places can be triggers for relapse. They can present a dangerous level of temptation to early sobriety.

So what can you do after going to treatment in South Florida to best insure you remain clean and sober? One available option is a sober living home. If you’re currently in treatment, or soon to finish, here are a few reasons why continuing to a South Florida sober living home is a wise decision.

What is Sober Living?

The idea of sober living is not only helping provide you with tools for recovery but also helping you to avoid pitfalls that could trigger a fateful relapse. A sober living home is a structured home environment shared by individuals in recovery.

That one concept might be the most important of all. Each person who elects to continue their early recovery at a sober living home will invariably have the same singular goal. That goal is to stay clean and sober.

A sober living home is an opportunity to use the transitional period between treatment and living on your own. It will be a safe, drug-free environment. Now let’s talk about why sober living homes are a strongly suggested bridge between treatment and going home.

A Network of Support

Early sobriety is tough. Many of us walk out of our treatment experience full of fear and doubt. To be thrown immediately back into an environment full of old demons and harsh realities often overwhelms early sobriety.

Having someone to talk to about your feelings can prove invaluable. Besides those who are only residents, there will also be individuals who help the house maintain structure. Most of these people have a fair degree of sobriety under their belt.

Together, from the person moving in on their first day to the experienced resident, each can be a helpful source of support. Many people fresh out of treatment also have job and transportation challenges.

If you choose a sober living home in South Florida, you’ll have a network of support for a variety of issues and problems. Most of all, you’ll have like-minded people in recovery to talk to. Sober living homes are also strongly connected to the local recovery community.

You will be able to develop a network of recovery type fellowships. There are also referrals for specialized counseling to help you address many of the circumstances that feed your addiction. A South Florida sober living home will create a network of support for your recovery.

Structure and Responsibility

Each resident in a sober living home will be responsible for their own behavior. Additionally, there will be house duties delegated to each person. These chores usually alternate. They might seem like meaningless tasks, but they are more than that.

You will learn how to take responsibility for your own duties. This is something many addicts and alcoholics lost sight of during their addiction. It can be a new feeling to know that you can do things well. There will also be assistance in helping structure your financial commitments.

This is something normal people take for granted. In the world of addiction, many times the drug of choice takes prevalence over financial obligations. The sober living experience will help you learn good financial practices.

A sober living home will also help provide structure for scheduling your time. There will be set meetings and other obligations you must meet. Structure and responsibility are often two areas addicts and alcoholics need help. A South Florida sober living home will help.

After you’ve completed residential treatment, or even during an outpatient program, a South Florida sober living home can an important resource. There are even those who choose to live in a sober living home that are not candidates for treatment.

The advantages of a sober living environment for someone trying to beat an addiction are incredible. Whether you’ve just completed residential treatment, are considering outpatient treatment, or want a safe, drug-free environment, sober living is a smart decision.

If you are someone who has doubts about whether you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, it’s smart to find out. It costs nothing to ask for help. But, the consequences could cost you your life. Don’t wait until tomorrow to find out if you need help.

Tomorrow might be too late. Even if you aren’t determined to need a treatment program, you can still entertain the idea of sober living. Recovery is a wonderful journey, but it will have challenges. Sober living helps develop a solid foundation for recovery success despite the challenges.

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